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Be for print or web projects, there are as many ways to work together as we can think of, and I want to share the fun, excitement and challenges of design with you. At the same time, I understand that you are very busy and I want to make this process as efficient and easy as possible for you. My extensive experience and excellent understanding of design principles will prove helpful to find the best solution for our project.

Each project is new and therefore requires thinking anew. This means that I listen carefully to your needs, goals and expectations, and that I keep in close communication with you. At our initial meeting, we agree on the best way to approach the project and we discuss budget and deadlines.

My ideas come from listening to you. It is simple: you know best what your project is about, so your words give me the visual clues to work from. It is a very crucial step in the design process and it is always a wonderful experience.

Then I research, I look at what others have done, what kind of visuals we could use, what is available, what is to be created. I sketch, I delete, I think about it, I discuss it with colleagues.... I make several rough mock-ups to have your reactions and comments. I adjust, refine, combine, edit until you are fully satisfied.

I also coordinate the participation of vendors such as photographers and printers, and present you with their bids. For printed material, I look at the proofs and at the artwork on press.

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Elisabeth Paymal


“Elisabeth Paymal is a designer of elegance, intelligence and originality, and the exhibitions she created for the Institute during her tenure as Gallery Director had everywhere the stamp of graphic excellence, and reflective clarity. That she could simultaneously generate exhibition, publicity and publication (catalogue) meant that her work had a rare unity. Her exhibitions of artist books, outsider art, contemporary Chinese photography, her commissioning of major Parisian ceramists and other global artists
are part of our
unique legacy.”
—Daniel Herwitz, Director and Mary Fair Croushore Professor of the Humanities, University
of Michigan


“I have worked with Elisabeth extensively on an artist book which she designed with me during 2008–09. She was meticulous, generous and extremely creative in her approach throughout, tackling both complex concepts and compositional obstacles with ease and with wisdom. She was open to dialogue and critique, and offered her own candidly and with thoughtfulness.
I would recommend her profusely for any design or art director position. She would be a rare and an excellent choice!”
—Tirtza Even,
Associate Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Que ce soit pour une création imprimée ou pour le web, il y a autant de façon de travailler ensemble que l'on peut imaginer, et je souhaite partager avec vous l'enthousiasme du design. Respectueuse de votre temps, je fais en sorte que ce processus soit aussi efficace et simple que possible. Ma grande expérience et mon excellente compréhension des principes du design nous aideront à trouver la meilleure solution de communication pour notre réalisation.

Chaque projet est nouveau et exige de penser de nouvelles solutions. Pour cela, je vous écoute très attentivement pour comprendre vos objectifs et attentes, et communique avec vous fréquemment. A notre première rencontre, nous définissons notre méthode de travail, nous discutons du budget et des dates de livraison.

C'est en vous écoutant que je développe mes idées. C'est simple: vous êtes la personne qui connait le mieux votre projet, c'est donc votre parole qui me sert de guide dans ma recherche de solutions. Ce moment d'écoute est une étape fondamentale du processus de création, et c'est toujours une belle expérience.

Ensuite, je recherche des concepts, je regarde ce qui est fait dans votre domaine, je trouve et crée des supports visuels. Je gribouille, j'efface, j'y pense, j'en discute,.... Je présente plusieurs compositions à partir desquelles vos commentaires permettront d'ajuster et d'affiner la réalisation jusqu'à ce que vous soyez totalement satisfait.

Je coordonne également la participation de fournisseurs extérieurs et vous présente leurs devis. Pour les projets imprimés, je vérifie les épreuves, et le tirage sur presse.

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Elisabeth Paymal